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ISI Sementi was founded in 1981 by Florindo Boni and his collaborators. From the outset the need to start genetic improvement programs aimed at setting up cultivars suitable for the internal market and for export was pressing. ISI Sementi has modern laboratories to guarantee really high quality standards. There is a Quality Control laboratory, a Molecular biology laboratory, a Phytopatology  laboratory and a department who takes care about seed technology.

Isi Sementi

Isi Sementi s.p.a. boasts a long experience in the research, production and commercialization of professional vegetable seeds.
As an Italian company, Isi Sementi has always devoted a special attention to recovery, protection and innovation of local varieties and ecotypes. The aim is to offer products characterized by typicality and taste, but also complying with the requirements which make them suitable for consumers and markets that are more and more modern, dynamic and interested in production, taste and sustainability.

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