With more than 20 years of experience and a wide range of products, our company strives to facilitate the work of professionals, small farmers and gardeners passionate about agriculture. We believe it is important to assist our clients at every stage of the process. To ensure a continuous production, we provide the necessary foils for the structure of greenhouses and solars. We ensure optimal water distribution with our irrigation systems and their accessories. We contribute to increasing the fertility of the soil with peat, flower soil and high quality fertilizers. From our wide range of seeds, each grower can choose the seeds that are best for him. For plant protection, we offer our customers agricultural nets (shading nets, fence nets, plant nets, mole nets, bird nets and antifrost). Our stock also includes reliable and high-quality Husqvarna gardening machines, which help simplify work processes.

Using the expertise and experience of our employees, we also help the daily lives of our clients with professional advice. We offer the possibility to design complete irrigation systems and, in the case of the surrounding locations, we also carry out a field study to find the most suitable solutions for our customers.

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