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Cropmax is a growth stimulant for all types of crops. The application of the Cropmax product ensures a rapid development of the root system and activates the development of leaf mass, helping the plants to realize their biological potential and also allowing the dose of basic NPK fertilizer to be reduced by 10-30%.

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Cropmax is a growth stimulant for all types of crops. The application of the Cropmax product ensures a rapid development of the root system and activates the development of leaf mass, helping the plants to realize their biological potential and also allowing the dose of basic NPK fertilizer to be reduced by 10-30%. Its activity is based on the combination of trace elements, amino acids, vitamins and polysaccharides. Cropmax is very concentrated, 100% organic and suitable for application to all agricultural and horticultural crops. Due to its unique composition, Cropmax is a powerful stimulant for plant development.

What is a growth biostimulator?
Plants consume macroelements (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium), mesoelements (calcium, magnesium, sulfur), but also microelements. At the same time, plants produce their own growth regulators (cytokinins, gibberellins, auxins, ethylene, etc.). Under stress, the production of plant growth regulators is significantly reduced.
External factors such as excess heat, drought, frost and phytotoxicity cause reductions in the plant's potential, which leads to a significant decrease in yield.
Cropmax contains in a super concentrated form the whole range of growth regulators necessary for plants and is a strong stimulator of plant metabolism, to compensate for the shortcomings caused by external stressors.

Mode of action:
The action of Cropmax is based on the interaction between the active components:

Amino acids:
- The composition of the Cropmax product includes 17 amino acids, most of them essential. They are responsible for cell division and actively influence the development of the root system and fruit ripening.

- Iron is part of several enzymes. Without iron the formation of genes and the growth of the cell nucleus would not be possible.
- Zinc has an important role in the metabolism of the plant, because it is found in more than 300 enzymes. For plants, zinc is very important in the synthesis of the amino acid tryptophan - a precursor of the phytohormone Auxin.
- Copper influences the metabolism of hydrocarbons and nitrogen by enzymes.
- Manganese participates in the photolysis of water during photosynthesis.
- Molybdenum in the plant is the component of a series of reductase enzymes. It is closely related to nitrogen metabolism. The most important enzymes that contain molybdenum are: nitroreductase and nitrogenase.
- Boron is one of the essential microelements. Lack of boron is detrimental to sugar exchange.
Polysaccharides are sources of energy.
Enzymes catalyze biochemical processes.

- Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) - antioxidant, strong reducer.
- Vitamin E (tocopherol) - increases fertility.
Chaotenoids prevent excessive growth through growth peaks.
• The plant produces more energy needed for growth, development and fruiting.
• Due to the systemic action and the transport effect in the plant, Cropmax quickly stimulates a better distribution of minerals throughout the plant.
• Cropmax stimulates the redistribution of nutrients and reserve substances in the young parts of the plant that show active growth.
• Cropmax increases the intensity of photosynthesis and prolongs the life of the organs that ensure photosynthesis in the plant.
• Cropmax helps to delay the aging of the foliar apparatus.
• The complementary effect of applying Cropmax is a better bio-availability of mineral elements.
• High rate of absorption of nutrients by the plant.

Advantages of application:
- Certified organic fertilizer, being allowed for use in organic farming (certificate issued by BCS-ӦKO).
- Significant increases in production, increases of 15 - 25%.
- Increases in crop quality.
- Improves the effectiveness of mineral fertilizers and pesticides used.
- It contributes to a better and faster development of the root system, as a result the resistance of plants to drought and stress increases considerably.
- Improves germination and branching of plants.
- Significantly improves plant resistance to diseases and pests.
- Improves plant recovery after damage caused by adverse weather events (hail, frost, drought).
- Product compatible with pesticides and soluble NPK fertilizers.

Product composition:
- Plant growth stimulants: auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins,
- Organic amino acids,
- Plant vitamins,
- Vegetable enzymes,
- Macroelements: 0.2% nitrogen (N), 0.4% phosphorus (P), 0.02% potassium (K),
- Microelements: • Iron - 220mg / l
                               • Magnesium - 550 mg / l
                               • Zinc - 49 mg / l
                               • Manganese - 54 mg / l
                               • Copper - 35 mg / l
                               • Boron - 70 mg / l
                               • Calcium, Molybdenum, Cobalt, Nickel - 10 mg / l

Dose and method of application:
The unique composition of Cropmax makes it indispensable for all horticultural and agricultural plants, throughout a growing season.
• It is applied foliar during a year of cultivation.
• Treatments can be repeated every 7-10 days.
• Seeds and bulbs can be treated before sowing / planting.

We recommend:
- For use in agriculture - 0,5 - 1 l / ha,
- For seedlings (5-7cm high) - 2.5 ml / 10 l water / 50 sqm,
- For vegetables in greenhouses and solariums - 20 ml / 10 l water / 100 sqm,
- For vegetables and flowers in the open field - 10 ml / 10 l water / 100sqm,
- For vines and fruit trees - 10-20 ml / 10 l water,
- For lawn - 0.5 - 1 l / ha,
- For ornamental plants - 15 ml / 10 l of water.

Usage information:
- Cropmax is always applied diluted in water.
- The product should not be mixed with products containing mineral oils, copper and sulfur, as it may induce the phenomenon of phytotoxicity.
- Seeds and bulbs can be treated before sowing / planting.
- Shake the bottle well before use.
- Can be applied with pesticides.
- In case of application during days with high temperatures, it is recommended to apply during the morning or evening hours; treatments should be avoided during the day when the temperature exceeds 25 ° C.
- Restrictions on use: do not use at low temperatures.
- Minimum storage temperature: 0 ° C.
   By adminitration of fertilizers specific to the summer period, we take a step towards a more drought-resistant lawn. But let's not forget that the resistance of plants to stress is given by the specific balance of nutrients, both macroelements, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium in the fertilizer, and the presence of trace elements. Theoretically, every 2 to 3 weeks it would be necessary to supplement the microelements, in order to maintain the balance, and it is good to know that the widely used fertilizers do not contain the necessary microelements for the lawn. The administration of microelements before a period of stress, brings the resistance of the plant. How do we do it? Or foliar, a day or two before mowing the lawn by spraying. We have 2 products with a package of microelements: Plex Mix, it can be sprayed with a concentration of 0.2-0.4%, or Micropower Eco at a concentration of 0.2-0.3%. Both products can also be used for irrigation, and in this way will be absorbed by the root. From Plex Mix we use about 80-100 ml per 100 sqm, and from Micropower Eco 40-50 ml.
   Under heat stress the plants become even more sensitive and in 7-10 days receive a thermal stress. This stress will not allow the plant to resume growth. Stress can be alleviated by administering stimulants with free amino acids, such as Cropmax, Formula 20 or BonBon. The latter also has the advantage of preventing some foliar diseases.
Either the uncut lawn has grown in a period of drought, or in a rainy period the density of vegetation leads to foliage disease. A strong disease of lawn is powdery mildew, which just has the period of infection at high temperatures and high humidity. Obviously, by trimming the foliage we will remove the diseased parts, but an installed disease is much harder to fight. There are all kinds of pesticides on the market to fight foliar diseases for grass species, but there is no target for lawn. Instead, I found a product that improves the natural resistance of plants. Basically, cupric pesticides can also be used on lawns to prevent diseases, but they are contact, they remain only on the surface of the lawns, and the first watering washes them and is no longer useful. Ferticupper copper is systemic, penetrates the plant, helps metabolic processes and also gives resistance to plants. If administered together with a urea nitrogen fertilizer (eg Abono N) our lawn acquires a darker shade of green.
   The dose per foliar application is 0.4% Ferticupper + 0.3% Abono. A break of 3-4 weeks between treatments is recommended.
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